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Sina Tile Sina Tile

Official website of Sina Tile Company, one of the greatest tile producers. Its main feature is an E-ordering web-based system programmed and powered by ParsClick!.

Grand Grand Domain

An online domain registration system. It is developed to faciliate searching and registering different domains as easy as possible.

Aria Aria Hosting

A webhosting service provider active worldwide. It represents different plans with reasonable prices. Here you can order your desired plan online and pay with credit cards or PayPal.

Parslinks Parslinks

The biggest Iranian website directory. It has a categorized index, a powerful search engine and many other useful possibilities. ParsLinks is created and maintained by ParsMedia.

Batool Batool Keshtpoor

A personal web site. it is devoted to introduce Mrs.Keshtpour Ideas, background and programs as a parliment candidate.

Avin Avin Lab

The official website of NAB Commercial Company. It introduces the Avin (registered trade mark of NAB Co.) hygenic, cosmetic and detergent products.

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